Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Forum on Global Cultural Paradigm Shift

Last February 2 Saturday, Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective organized a forum entitled “Global Cultural Paradigm Shift: A Multiplicity of Perspective”. It was attended by people from different backgrounds and organizations. Participants were composed of musicians, alternative health practitioners, students, artists, community organizers and activists. 

Among those who shared ideas and experiences are volunteers from Mindset Breaker Distro, Sharing Garden, and KU Free School Project which explores subjects such as Astronomy; Integral Ecology; Spiral Dynamics; Egalitarian Space Sharing; Philippine Mining Matrix; Earth Science; Conflict Analysis; Film Deconstruction; Integral Psychology; and Fighting Arts. 

The forum went smoothly for four hours discussing issues about different movement, initiatives, community projects, social infrastructure that addresses crisis and solutions for ecology, psychology and society. It also explored different approaches by different organizations aiming for sustainability and positive community transformation which emphasizes practical and effective actions such as permaculture, intentional community, clean energy, organic farming, community supported agriculture, social centers and community library, etc...


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