Saturday, August 10, 2013

KU infoshop... March Against Monsanto...and other actions!

For seven years KINAIYAHAN UNAHON is active in different forms of activism here in the city. One of it's major projects is the KU community space here in Juna Subdivision, Matina. In this space there are things happening every week, activities regularly attended by friends and other visitors from different parts of Davao. With the help of friends, volunteers of KU tirelessly initiate programs that help others in terms of relevant information and community actions. They have weekly free school (film and discussions), free energy and sustainability workshop, cooking and language lessons, book club, physical activities / sports, Integral Philosophy, spirituality and Ecology study circle, and other gatherings that are helpful for everybody. 

This very wonderful project is a collaboration of two individuals sincerely and voluntarily dedicating there time and energy. With the help of the former members and close friends, this collective still exist and function. 

At the moment the KU infoshop is the main space where we can fully conduct educational gatherings, workshops, planning and meetings for volunteer actions since they have resources such as projector, extra computers, How-to books, cooking materials for FNB, and enough space for meetings and plannings. This community space is the third infoshop here in Davao since the AS-A-WHOLE infoshop in Bangkal that was established last 2006 and only lasted for a year. Months before the AS-A-WHOLE Collective broke out, KU emerged and since then some people especially from the local DIY/punk scene became familiar with different aspects of activism and even started to initiate small actions such us making zines, organizing benefit shows, writing essays, volunteering to communities and organizing educational activities and mass feedings like the international action Food Not Bombs, etc. 

Some of the major activities that we had since the opening of the new KU Center are Really Really Free Market, March Against Monsanto, and the recent local FNB anniversary. During the March Against Monsanto day, we had a theatre presentation that basically depict and explain the hazards and the crises brought about by Monsanto and other big bio-tech and chemical companies.


The play lasted for almost 30 minutes but the preparation took 4 days or at least 4 major rehearsals. During the preparation, volunteers enthusiastically visit KU center for almost everyday. In these days we had so many memorable things, laughters and meaningful conversations. It was a rich experience and all of us are willing to do it again, even to improve the play for more presentations.

During the march, most of us doesn't have enough rest but still eager to join the demonstration. With leaflets, banners, musical instruments and other tools, we marched and expressed our thoughts and voices on the streets for a couple of hours, attracting many people from different sides of the road. From streets to jeepneys to malls, from Maa to San Pedro which is one of the main destinations of the demonstration, We gave away leaflets about GMO and biotech companies, we talked to people and then we performed the play, getting more attentions from passers by and other people. 

While having the performance, some children got carried away and joined. Those little children understood the message of the play and "took matters in their own hands" during the revenge part, where people and farmers united to shutdown the biotech companies. After performing the play outside the city hall, Food Not Bombs volunteers gave away food to the homeless and street children around the area then after that, we headed to Davao People's Park for the Really Really Free Market. 

So during the RRFM many of the people we invited came including the members of Ananda Marga, which is one of the most successful and active in various community initiatives. Many random people in the park also participated and appreciated the purpose of the action and feel that this kind of action needs to be sustain and improved. They asked when is the next RRFM so that they can bring something to share! 

That's all for now. Hope you will read our next post. Thank you very much! Long live ye' ol Organic Minds!