Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Activities

Solar Power Seminar and a Talk on Violence and Non-violence

A talk on the History of Resistance Movement, Autonomous Spaces and Practical Activism, and Integral Activism

A forum on GMO, Permaculture and the "History of Farming"

Few farmers, community volunteers, NGO’s, and government workers attended the forum last Feb. 5, 2014 in Tugbok, Mintal. This is a discussion and exchange dialogue activity to address the issue of GMO, organic farming, permaculture and the importance of grassroots anti-authoritarian approach for community re-structuring to raise and foster the culture of sustainability and ecological sensitivity. There were also presentations about local projects such as sharing garden, infoshops and community libraries, Mobile Anarchist School (MAS), Broken Pattern Press, and the history of farming.

A talk on "Cultural Paradigm Shift" by Organic Minds Collective, reading of "Story of Civilization" by Kim Hill of Deep Green Resistance" and Report on Solar Power Disaster Response Team (Leyte Typhoon Yolanda Mission) by Mobile Anarchist School of Manila. Thanks to the teachers and students of Bernardo National High School! 


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